Naivas Supermarket

Made In Nakuru For Kenya

Naivas is a homegrown Kenyan supermarket brand that has been in operation in the country for over 30 years making its DNA truly Kenyan.

Naivas Supermarket

Naivas is a homegrown Kenyan supermarket brand that has been in operation in the country for over 30 years making its DNA truly Kenyan.

Made In Nakuru For Kenya

How It All Began

The Journey From July 1990

We Started As Gitwe Stores

When Naivas began, we were Gitwe stores, but we changed it to Rongai stores. Later, we grew from Nakuru to Naivasha, where we again changed the name to Naivasha self-service stores. Fast forward to 2005, we entered the country’s capital Nairobi, and within a short while, we were already in Machakos. “Read about our beginning here.

Our Rebranding To Naivas

In 2006 we rebranded to Naivas, and we have since grown in leaps and bounds Introduced different store formats. We have supermarkets, Foodmarkets and express stores. The ride has been a wild one, but we would not have it any other way as it has led us here; Kenya’s Number 1 Supermarket and a beloved household name.

Our Investors

We have been a family-owned business Since our inception in July 1990 until June 2020 with the entry of a fresh investor Amethis. A critical strategy that not only strengthened its capital base but more importantly its corporate governance.

What Do We Do?

We're commited to offering quality products at affordable prices

Every time you walk into any of our stores, you don’t think about how the product got onto our shelf for you to place it in your shopping cart because that’s for us to worry about.

We're always there for you and always at your service

Every day, dedicated staff members work together with each one complementing the efforts of the next to make sure that a customer walking into our stores gets all they need in one convenient location: from sourcing the right mix of products, negotiating for the best prices, transporting them to the various stores and meticulous arranging them for easy access. We act as the gatekeepers between the Suppliers and our Shoppers.

Freshness, Quality, Variety and Affordability is the only language we speak.

Before stocking anything on our shelves there is always a very well thought out catalogue based on the demand and customer preference from the feedback we get because we are a brand that endeavors to always meet and exceed Customer’s need.

For us, it is not just about providing a platform for retail trade but complementing the lifestyles of those who seek our services and offering an experience through our excellent customer service.

Our Collective Growth

And with every sale we make we get to grow our contribution to the Kenyan economy by supporting industries, farmers, supporting talent and making an overall impact to the community at large

Why Do We Exist?

Our Mission

“To provide affordable world-class shopping experience”

Our Vision

“To be a leading retail chain in Eastern Africa”

Our Mantra

“We exist to make other peoples’ lives better’’


Company associates working towards common organizational goals through mutual support.


The company shall strive to provide quality products and services to its customers.


Setting a culture of continuous improvement .


Respect for each other and acknowledgment of diverse cultures in the company.


The company will be ethical accountable and transparent in its dealings with all Stakeholders.