About Naivas

Over 30 years of service to Kenyans

Naivas Supermarket is a homegrown Kenyan supermarket chain that has been in operation for over 30 years. At the core of our operations is the drive to continuously meet and exceed the customer’s needs, enabling us to provide better services. Living the business mantra, “We exist to make other people’s lives better,” Naivas is more than just a retail store – we complement the lifestyles of those who seek our services.

Our Story

Narrated By Our MD

“At the age of 27, my uncle left our first store to my brother and I in Rongai, Nakuru county. Once the keys were handed to me, I did not waste any time. We hit the ground up and running the following day as I already had the experience working with uncle Jorum.”

Our Business

Naivas is the leading retailer in the country by financials and branch network. We are a homegrown brand that entered the retail scene 30 years ago in July 1990.

We have directly employed over eight thousand Kenyans with varying ideologies and beliefs from all walks of life. Together, we have adopted a common goal and gotten Naivas to the apex of modern retail in Kenya. Customers know that when they walk through our doors, they can trust us to deliver Freshness, Quality, Variety, and Affordability. No surprises, just authentic Kenyan hospitality. 

Our greatest pride and joy is that with every support accorded to us as a brand, we grow our contribution to the Kenyan economy by supporting industries and farmers and creating jobs directly and indirectly.

In the early days, we strived to create a supermarket that would meet the needs of the local mwananchi and we've kept that frame of mind ever since.

~ Naivas First Chairman

Our Leadership

Naivas chain’s leadership is proactive and innovative. They are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and make their stores more efficient.

As a result, Naivas has achieved impressive advancements in the industry.

For the supermarket chain, it is not just about providing a platform for retail trade but complementing the lifestyles of those who seek its services.

Our Investors

The retail chain has been a family-owned business since its inception until February 2020, when it had its first External Investor. Amethis, A French private equity firm, took a 30% stake but still left the Mukuha’s with a controlling stake of 70%. This was a critical strategic move by the shareholders in a bid to strengthen its capital base and, more importantly, its corporate governance.

Our History

Naivas is entrenched in familial ties. In 1990, the late Joram Kamau, founder of Tuskys supermarkets, opened their first Nairobi and decided to leave one of their business premises in Rongai Nakuru to two of his nephews, David Kimani and the late Simon Mukuha.

The store going by the name of Gitwe General Stores, was in the rural town of Rongai in Nakuru County. The two brothers were subsequently joined by their father; the Late Peter Mukuha started operations in their newly owned business.

Our Impact

At Naivas, we understand the importance of caring for our planet and its people and communities.  We know that our actions have a ripple effect, and we take pride in being a positive force for good in both the environment and society.

Environmental Management

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and investing in renewable energy sources.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are committed to procuring, process, and delivering safe products to our retail outlets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have partnered with beneficiaries to facilitate various programs to support the communities around us.

In the early days, we strived to create a supermarket that would meet the needs of the local mwananchi, and we've kept that frame of mind ever since.

~ Naivas Chairman

Products and Services

Naivas Supermarket! We have a wide range of food, household items, and other products.

Naivas is the ultimate resource for all your shopping needs! Whether you’re looking for fresh food, furniture, electronics, or clothing, we have everything you need under one roof. Our prices are always affordable, and we offer various products.

Naivas Deli

We sell freshly prepared meals at affordable prices.

Naivas Soko

We sell a variety of food and household items under one roof.

Naivas Bakery

We have a wide variety of fresh bakery products.

Naivas butchery

We have a wide variety of fresh meat products.

Naivas Electronics

We have a wide range of electronics and gadgets.

Naivas Clothing

We have a wide variety of stylish clothing for men, women, and children.

Naivas Furniture

We have a wide variety of furniture for your home.

Naivas Liquor Store

We have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

Naivas Accolades

Thank you for making us Kenya's top supermarket!

We are the leading retailer in Kenya, with over 80 stores countrywide. We have been operational for over 30 years, and our commitment to serving our customers remains unshakeable. Visit any of our branches today and experience quality service delivery.