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The first step

The retail chain has been a fully family-owned business since its inception until February 2020, when a consortium of investors led by the French private equity firm Amethis bought a 30% stake. Still, they left the Mukuha’s with a controlling stake of 70%. This was a critical strategic move by the shareholders to strengthen not only its capital base but, more importantly, its corporate.

A new Investment Chapter

Amethis sold its stake in June 2022 to a consortium led by IBL, a Mauritian family-owned business that has been in existence since 1860.

About Our Investors

First Investor

About Amethis

Amethis is an investment fund manager dedicated to the African continent, with an investment capacity exceeding €815m. Amethis has been created through a partnership with the Edmond de Rothschild Group. Amethis brings growth capital to promising midcap champions in diverse sectors throughout the African continent. As an active shareholder, Amethis offers key support and expertise through its international network, external growth opportunities, and value-added governance.

Second Investor

About IBL

IBL Ltd is a leading diversified group from Mauritius and is listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. The Group employs more than 25,000 people and is active in various sectors of activity, namely agro & energy, commercial & distribution, logistics, building & engineering, financial services, hospitality, seafood, life & technologies, and property. Since its founding in 1830, the IBL Group has gone from strength to strength by anticipating market trends, investing strategically, and hiring talented and dedicated people to achieve its ambition. While Mauritius has historically been the driver of its performance, its entrepreneurial culture has guided the Group outside the island’s shores. Today, IBL is an international group operating as a long-term strategic investor, with a culture of excellence and world-class expertise, with a presence across 18 countries worldwide. After consolidating its footprint in the Indian Ocean, IBL revealed its ‘IBL Beyond Borders’ strategy that focuses on East Africa, with an office in Nairobi responsible for its business development in the Region. Recognized for its good governance and transparency practices, IBL aims to become a leading employer in Mauritius and the Region. The Group is also positioned as a reference in terms of sustainable development and has become an important partner for many actors involved in the social field.

IBL Group acquires Amethis stake in Naivas