Our Leadership & Governance

Currently, the retailer has a more robust governing board that integrates both the family as well as the investors

The ownership and governance structures were well articulated from the beginning which has ensured that the family members involved in the business know their stake and roles. This move has limited infighting among family members one of the major contributing factors to the collapse of family businesses.

From the onset, one of the founding brothers David Kimani, has been at the helm as the Managing Director of the retail chain while his late father, Peter Mukuha, held the chairmanship until his demise in 2010.

Peter Mukuha - The first chairman of Naivas
David Kimani - Managing Director

After 2010, the mantle of chairing the board was taken up by the brother, the late Simon Mukuha up until his in 2019.

Simon Mukuha - Naivas Second Chairman

Our Senior Management

David Kimani
Managing Director
Peter Mukuha
Deputy Managing Director & Chief of Operations
Andreas Von Paleske
Chief of Strategy
Charles Mukuha
Chief of Administration
Jonathan Ng’ang’a
Chief of Finance
Mary Kinyua
Chief of Human Resources
Francis Ngari
Chief Technology Officer
Damacius Thuo
Head of Supply Chain