Naivas HQ

County: Nairobi

Nairobi Road C

Operating Hours: 08:00am-09:00pm
Welcome to the Naivas HQ page. Discover more about the amenities found at this branch, including the various sections available.
Store Type: Food Market
Map link:
Phone Number: 0202329801


Parking: Available
M-Pesa: Available
Naivas Café: Available
Sitting Area: Available
Naivas Soko: Available
Naivas Bakery: Available
Naivas Butchery: Available
Liquor Store: Available
Electronics: Available
Clothing: Available
Furniture: Available
County: Nairobi

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You can order your goods from this store online by clicking on the button below. In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to us via the number provided at the top of this page. Thank you for choosing Naivas Supermarket!