Naivas Kilifi

County: Kilifi

located in Kilifi town

Operating Hours: 08:00am-09:00pm
Welcome to Naivas Kilifi page. Discover more about the amenities found at this branch, including the various sections available, ranging from Food Market, Food Court, Naivas Café, Electronics, Clothing, Liquor Store, General Section, Money Market, and Parking. The information on this page will help improve your shopping experience.
Store Type: Food Market
Map link:
Phone Number: kilifi@naivas


Parking: Available
M-Pesa: Available
Naivas Café: Available
Sitting Area: Not Available
Naivas Soko: Available
Naivas Bakery: Available
Naivas Butchery: Available
Liquor Store: Available
Electronics: Available
Clothing: Available
Furniture: Available
County: Kilifi

What’s in store

About Naivas Sitting Area

Naivas sitting area allows you to take a break while shopping, enjoy delicious, flavorful, affordable meal options and rest your feet. Commonly found items include beverages, deli snacks, meals, pizza salad, and Naivas cake slices. In addition to the standard menu items, we offer seasonal drinks such as juices, sodas, water, yogurt, liquor, and treats.

For those shoppers looking for quality time with loved ones while shopping, our seating area provides an ideal spot for them to catch up on life and share experiences in person. It also allows people of all ages – kids included – to spend time together in a relaxed environment away from home.

On The Map

Order From Store

You can order your goods from this store online by clicking on the button below. In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to us via the number provided at the top of this page. Thank you for choosing Naivas Supermarket!