Malindi 29.07.2023, Leading retailer Naivas supermarket is keeping true to its strategic expansion plan with a
return to the coast region barely two months since it last set up an outlet in Bombolulu. The retailer opens the
door to its newest branch in Malindi along the Malindi-Mombasa highway and just 2km from Malindi Airport.
This is the second branch in the town fondly refeed to as Little Italy and the third in Kilifi County. This latest
outlet brings its store tally to 10 in the coast region and 97 countrywide spread across 24 towns and cities in the
The branch covering 6,700 square feet of trading space is an excellent addition to the supermarket chain as it
has a very strategic location that allows it to serve not only the residents of Malindi but also travellers
transiting through the region as well. It sits in a mixed-use development that has other businesses that
beautifully complement it including but not limited to a petrol station.
“This is a big year in the books for us. As we set our FY24 plans in motion with the biggest being us hitting the
historic 100 branches. We have dubbed this countdown, #Roadto100, as we are taking stock of the 33 years’
worth of work that has led us to this moment! Looking at where we are today, we could not have done it
without the support of our shoppers who have constantly demanded more, better and faster from us. It has
taken us just one and a half years to return to Malindi which is a testament to the support we have received
from the community here. We have made it our modus operandi to listen to our customers’ feedback and
constantly deliver new and enhanced shopping experiences. 97 branches in, we believe that we have the
building blocks in place to help define the next chapter of retail and do so while driving strong growth,” said
Andreas Von Paleske , Naivas Chief of Strategy
He added, “Since we opened our first outlet in Malindi in December of 2021, our goal has been simple:
providing the community a world-class shopping experience served with unmistakable Kenyan hospitality all
the while keeping true to our brand promise of “saves you money”. The addition of the second outlet
rubberstamps this as a winning formula and we intend to keep at it. As has been our tradition we will run a 4-
week campaign dubbed Malindi Tena na Tena. The people of Malindi have really honoured us through their
support and for us we will keep turning up for them again and again whenever they call on us. This campaign
will see the residents of Malindi enjoy unbeatable store opening offers amongst many other goodies,”
concluded Mr. Andreas.

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