Kisii 22.07.2023 — The leading retailer in the greater Eastern Africa region is kicking off its new
financial year with a loud bang, returning to Kisii town close to 13 years since it first opened an outlet
there in November of 2010. The newest Naivas outlet, which is the 96th branch of the supermarket is
a hypermart and will be among the top 10 branches in physical size that the retailer operates making
the #RoadTo1oo a lot more exciting. The branches all located in Kenya, are spread across 24 towns
and cities in the country. This is the greatest number of branches that any Kenyan supermarket chain
has ever operated, and we are all witnessing history in the making.
The hypermarket covers 32000 square feet of trading space and sits in a mixed-use development, the
first of its kind in the County. This development is a much-needed facelift for the town which has
been on an upward trajectory in terms of economic development. Beyond where the outlet is set up,
the store itself bears an elevated look and feel compared to its predecessor which will be marking its
13th birthday this November.
“This new store is truly a triumphant return to the town shoppers have continually asked for a more
modern and bigger space and I am truly proud of how we’ve innovated to offer exactly what our
customers asked for and in more ways than one exceeded their expectations. Naivas as always lives
up to its brand promise of “saves you money” which is ingrained in our DNA and setting up shop
within our communities is one sure way of doing that. As has been the tradition in every branch
opening, Kisii residents will enjoy a 4-week campaign dubbed “Gusii makaboria tokabaigwa”
translating “Kisii you asked and we listened”. This outlet is birthed by the ask of the people of Kisii.
We listen to our customers, and this move underscores our commitment to making shopping
experiences for all customers across Kenya more affordable, more convenient and most importantly
dignified. The outlet has been long awaited by our customers who have basketfuls of expectations
from us and as usual, we shall deliver nothing short of a world-class shopping experience crowned by
the unmistakable Kenyan hospitality as only we can offer,” remarked Willy Kimani, Naivas Chief
Commercial Officer.

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