Our Business

To provide an affordable, world-class shopping experience.

Naivas is the leading retailer in the country by financials and branch network. A homegrown brand that entered the retail scene 30 years ago in July 1990.

We have directly employed over eight thousand Kenyans with varying ideologies and beliefs from all walks of life. Together, we have adopted a common goal and gotten Naivas to the apex of modern retail in Kenya. Customers know that when they walk through our doors, they can trust us to deliver Freshness, Quality, Variety, and Affordability. No surprises, just authentic Kenyan hospitality. 

Our greatest pride and joy is that with every support accorded to us as a brand, we get to grow our contribution to the Kenyan economy by supporting industries and farmers, and creating jobs both directly and indirectly

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Our Drive

To provide customers with a distinctly compelling shopping experience.

We constantly look for new and innovative ways to create a distinctively compelling shopping experience for our customers. Whether through our unique product selection, engaging in-store displays, or exceptional customer service, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition and provide an experience that our customers will love.