Our Impact

Operating Today with the Future in Mind

Our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond just meeting compliance standards; it is ingrained in our company values and constantly drives us to improve and create meaningful change.

At Naivas, we understand the importance of taking care of our planet and its people and communities.  We know that our actions have a ripple effect, and we take pride in being a positive force for good in both the environment and society.

On Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve touched lives through sports and other initiatives, and impacted over 50,000 Kenyan businesses.

As a brand, we find opportunities to offer random acts of kindness because we genuinely believe that what we offer has the potential to turn a life around and make a difference in people’s lives.

On Environmental Management

We’ve made our environment a better place

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and investing in renewable energy sources.

On Food Safety

We’ve put in place measures to enhance food safety and hygiene across all the Naivas branches

We are committed to procuring, processing, and delivering safe products to our retail outlets that meet our customers' quality, cost, service, and delivery expectations.

On Occupational Health and Safety

We’ve helped in preventing accidents and injuries that do occur.

We ha implemented an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) plan per the legal requirement specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact

What We've Done: A Pursuit Towards Sustainable Retailing

As a business that depends on society and is directly involved with the environment, Naivas Limited is taking its Environmental and Social Governance roles seriously.

At Naivas Limited, we prioritize the ESG issues that offer tremendous potential for us to create shared value. Based on our recent ESG priority assessment, our priorities are organized into Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Food Safety. We continually assess and reassess these priorities to ensure we are positively impacting all areas of our business.


A Kenyan Writers’ Path

A Kenyan Writers’ Path

A project that was officially launched on 8th September 2021 and had three main objectives:

Supporting local authors and publishers
Preserving our Kenyan stories
Ensuring our customers can easily access the locally authored books

A Project For Local Authors

This project supports local authors and publishers by ensuring that they have an effective distribution network for their literacy and creative writing.

As we have outlets across different regions in the country and since the start of the project, we have so far Listed 488 books from 150 local authors and listed 15 local publishers. Currently, we have stocked the books in all the regions across 42 branches based on demand and available space and preference.

Books listed
Local authors
Local publishers

Our Motivation

As a brand whose DNA is Kenyan, we take pride in our roots. This project was our way of promoting and ensuring that we preserve the Kenyan stories, our social norms, values systems, and beliefs of Kenyans. We are aware that books have the power to transport us to lands we have never set foot on, paint vivid pictures that rival our realities, evoke emotions we previously did not know existed and elicit behavioral change unlike anything else in this world.

The Impact

Those who read books appreciate the multiple places to find and A Kenyan writers’path initiative ensures our customers access a wider selection of Kenyan authored content in the library section ranging from educational, motivational, fictional, non-fictional, literature, biographies & memoirs, spiritual, topical, historical, teen & young adults to Sci-Fi and Fantasy books including those written in different Kenyan dialects.



Launched in July 2021, ‘Accelerator’ was launched in the aim of tapping into raw talent and molding our staff into world class leaders

Accelerator: In The Detail Of Retail

Every business must always think ahead and plan for it is future. For this reason, we launched the Management Trainee programme; ACCELERATOR: IN THE DETAIL OF RETAIL. A project whose main objective is ensure that the business will always have quality staff for all its stores management and preserve the legacy of Naivas.

Adapting To The Changes

The retail sector is constantly changing, from the consumer psyche to supplier modus operandi as well as the workforce. This initiative calls upon a leadership approach that meets these demands throughout the business and most critically at the various stores which form the one place that customers interact with the brand.

Accelerator ensures that candidates undergo through training in the following key aspects of the business:

Inventory management
Store operations
Leadership training
People management
Communication skills
This will see to it that the business continuously has a supply of high caliber talent to take up various management roles

Environmental Management

What We've Done

Collaboration to Promote Environmental Management,

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and investing in renewable energy sources. Here is how;

For over one and a half years, we have partnered with investors whose roles have been to integrate environmental and social governance issues throughout the business processes. They assist in implementing and monitoring environmental and social action plans (ESAP) which aim to improve the company’s ecological and social (E&S) practices. Therefore the implementation of ESAP across Naivas branches has had a significant impact.

  • Formalize the company’s E&S policies, procedures, and action plans, as we now have Environmental protection policy, Fire safety policy, and Occupational Health and Safety policy.  
  • ESAP has also Strengthened the governance of ESG due to recruits of OSH officers and ESG officers (appointment of E&S managers) 
  • Strengthening performance monitoring in terms of the structuring of reporting, transparency of practices to third parties) 
  • We are improving E&S performance (regulatory compliance and adoption of best practices). 


Waste Management

In a bid to safeguard our environment and curb climate change, Naivas has implemented a waste management plan which involves the segregation of our waste at the source before releasing it to the environment. 

The waste is segregated into organic waste, plastic waste, paper waste, scrap metal, and used oil where they will then be taken to recycling facilities.

 The bins are also color-coded and marked with signages indicating the type of waste to be disposed of in them.

For plastic waste (yellow), Organic waste (green), and office waste (blue).

We have partnered with service providers to facilitate the collection, recycling, and recovery

Occupational Health and Safety

What We've Done

Health And Safety Programme

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and investing in renewable energy sources. Here is how;

Naivas has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) plan as per the legal requirement specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. The OSH programs have helped in preventing accidents and injuries that do occur.

The components of the program include workplace risk assessment, joint health, and safety committees, workplace inspections, fire safety implementation, annual third-party health and safety audits, health and safety training, Pre-annual-exit medical examination for all employees, and traffic control management/transport safety. 

The entire program aims to increase awareness, build a safety culture, and make everyone responsible for safety. We continue enhancing the safety culture through training and distribution of safety and health materials. 

An incident management Plan has been implemented where all incidents are reported within 24 hours of them occurring and appropriate action is taken. 


What We've Done

In a bid to support the communities around us, we have partnered with beneficiaries to facilitate programs such as menstrual hygiene, charity activation, coin collection, fund donations, and sourcing 2 equal project which aims at promoting gender in procurement. All these programs are geared toward improving the social aspect of ESG.

Food Safety

What We've Done


Naivas Limited is committed to procuring, process, and delivering safe products to our retail outlets, that meet the quality, cost, service, and delivery expectations of our customers. Regarding that, we have put in place measures to enhance food safety and hygiene across all the Naivas branches. We are currently undergoing ISO 22000 certification for three Naivas branches Umoja, Riruta, and Capital Centre after we intend to roll out to other branches.


With respect to the above four categories, Naivas ESG has achieved the following sustainability programs.

  • ESMS Training across Naivas branches
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training
  • Traffic Control Training in Distribution Centre accompanied by Traffic control Video
  • Annual Statutory Audits in; Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety, Fire Safety
  • Annual Statutory Risk Assessment 
  • Statutory training in; Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Safety, and First Aid at Work Training.
  • Annual electrical installations inspections
  • Workplace Registrations and Renewals for New and Existing Branches
  • Issuance of Workplace Occupational Safety and Health Abstracts
  • Issuance of Workplace General Registers
  • Medical Surveillance- Approximately 95 % of the exercise is done for the whole company.
  • Development and implementation of the PPE program
  • Training and Issuance of initial PPE – Safety Boots, Reflective Jackets, Helmets, and Cold Room Jackets