Our Suppliers

Growing Together & Growing Our Economy

For any retail, there are only two roles, customers, and suppliers and excellent supplier relationship is a priority to Naivas. Over the years we have built mutually beneficial relationships that see to it that each party meets their objective together

It is because of this mutual understanding that we have not only remained steadfast amid turbulence in the industry, but we have experienced immeasurable growth that has not only seen us grow in like-for-like numbers but expanded our footprint to 20 counties across Kenya.

Great things in business are never done by one entity. Naivas works with an average of 1,400 suppliers from different parts of the world. We are keen supporters of local economies and indigenous small and medium-sized firms. Supporting our own but not forgetting our international suppliers.

What Is The Procedure For Becoming A Naivas Supplier?

A Stepwise Guide To Becoming A Supplier

Once you visit our Head Office at Sameer Industrial Park along Road C Off Enterprise Road. At the reception, our team directs you to the relevant Commercial Manager in charge of that category.

Where you then pitch your products to the Commercial Manager and later leave the sample and set up for the next meeting that happens after they Evaluate the product.

What happens in the Evaluation process?

What does it take to become a supplier?

At this stage they evaluate the purpose of the product Is it to bring traffic to our branches, does it create excitement in the market, or does it build Transactions most importantly what problem is it solving is it a product we need?

Once that is established, they go right into the presentation of the product: The look and feel, Quality checks, whether is it KEBS approved and if it has a barcode.

Then there is a follow-up meeting on the same where the Commercial Manager and potential supplier/Vendor meet and discuss the commercials of the product

What are the commercials?

What does it take to become a supplier?

In this second meeting, the product has already passed all the requirements needed and it is time to discuss the commercials where you talk about:

  1. Price points
  2. Terms of Trade
  3. Margins        

Once you are all aligned on the commercials the Commercial Manager then requests company details for onboarding of the vendor and the product and discusses on the item attributes, and how many items

The next stage is the Naivas team aligning internally on the product needs

What product needs?

Demographics   |   Usage   |   Seasonality   |   Category gaps

Interested in Becoming a Supplier?

Our criteria for choosing suppliers is transparent and based on merit

Naivas is Kenya’s largest supermarket with a nationwide network of close to 100 stores. We stock various types of goods such as home care products, electronics, and furniture just to name a few. As we expand our reach, we also seek to grow our supplier base to offer even more variety and choice to our customers. This is only possible with the help of suppliers throughout the country.

We pride ourselves on being a Kenyan brand. By working with local suppliers, we not only boost the Kenyan economy but also positively impact the lives of our suppliers and their families. We are proud to have grown with our suppliers. Interested in being a supplier? Fill out the form or download the PDF version, fill it and submit it via email.